Linguine pasta - Agrozimi - Vegan - 500g

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vegan Along with our spaghetti, we just had to create the best linguini. Committed to quality, we went through the same steps –we chose the finest semolina flour milled from the heart of durum wheat, slowly kneaded it with well-sourced water, shaped it in bronze dies, and naturally air-dried it to proudly present an outstanding linguine with a one-of-a-kind flavor and modern design. A perfect springboard for dozens of recipes, this pasta is an undoubted crowd-pleaser. Boiling time: 10 minutes Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina. CLASSIC PASTA Classic pasta at its best! Pasta made only with semolina flour and water, for fervent pasta lovers. We select semolina flour milled from the heart of durum wheat, shape our pasta in bronze dies, a practice employed by leading pasta makers worldwide, and slowly air-dry it to ensure it retains all its nutrients and wonderful earthy flavour. Our pasta has no added salt and is so full of flavour that you can enjoy it plain. .

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Herkomst Giannitsa, Griekenland
Inhoud 500 g
Kenmerken Vegan, E-nummervrij en Lactosevrij
Ingrediënten Griesmeel van durumtarwe
Allergenen Gluten