Spelt Hilopites Griekse pasta - Agrozimi - Vegan - 500g

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vegan The ancient Greeks kneaded the laganum, a thin round dough sheet made of flour and water, which they dried and cut into strips, creating a pasta similar to modernday hilopites. A recipe that has for centuries travelled around the Mediterranean basin gets tastier and healthier than ever before. Premium spelt flour is slowly kneaded with no added salt to produce Agrozimi dinkel/spelt hilopites. The golden ribbons are naturally air-dried to retain the nutritional value and the sweet, earthy flavor of spelt flour. Enjoy a traditional pasta made with a flour that meets modern-day standards for taste and quality. Easy-todigest, light and always delicious, Agrozimi dinkel/spelt hilopites preserves and shares a time-honored culinary tradition while answering the need for a health-conscious diet. Boiling time: 9 minutes Ingredients: Spelt flour. SPELT PASTA Full, sweet flavor with nutty notes, a long finish, earthy aromas of a premium grain, and a rough texture that holds sauce beautifully – an ideal pasta for delicious, easy-to-digest, healthy dishes. Welcome to the world of Agrozimi dinkel/spelt pasta. Dinkel/spelt (triticum spelta), a long-ago ancestor of the wheat currently produced worldwide, is much more easily digested than the common wheat, as the gluten it contains consists of a larger number of water-soluble proteins. Its content of total protein is up to 25% higher than that of common wheat varieties. It is an excellent source of iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamins B1 and B2, and beneficial fatty acids. Dinkel/spelt pasta is produced according to a long and slow process that celebrates and makes the most of natures unlimited bounty. Excellent-quality dinkel/spelt flour is kneaded with no added salt, shaped through bronze dies in line with leading pasta makers, and slowly air-dried at low temperatures to retain its unmatched flavour and nutritional value. A pasta that meets the modern-day need for health-conscious indulgence..

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Herkomst Giannitsa, Griekenland
Inhoud 500 g
Kenmerken Vegan, E-nummervrij en Lactosevrij
Ingrediënten Speltmeel
Allergenen Gluten