Trahana zoet - Agrozimi - Handgemaakt - 500g

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veggie A classic handmade trahana, bustling with time-honored flavors. Specially selected durum wheat flour is kneaded with fresh cows milk and naturally air-dried, then crumbled through a sieve. You can easily turn it into a gourmet soup with a few Gruyère shavings and a sprinkling of finely-chopped parsley. Boiling time: 8 minutes Ingredients: Durum wheat flour, fresh pasteurized whole cows milk. TRAHANA A flagship product of Greek cuisine, traditional trahana, in 11 different variations. Agrozimi trahana is produced from fine wheat or flour, kneaded with fresh cows milk or fresh yogurt, enriched with vegetables and herbs and dried in natural conditions to turn a traditional flavour into a modern culinary delight and an inspiration for a wide range of gastronomic options. Enjoy as a plain hot soup

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Herkomst Giannitsa, Griekenland
Inhoud 500 g
Kenmerken E-nummervrij and Gepasteuriseerd
Ingrediënten Durumtarwemeel, Verse volle koemelk
Allergenen Gluten, Lactose