Zwarte Linguine pasta met Inktvisinkt - Agrozimi - 500g

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veggie A classic luxury pasta. the time-honored, elegant linguine in strikingly lush black.The finest-quality semolina flour milled from the heart of durum wheat is mixed with excellent-quality pasteurized cuttlefish ink and naturally air-dried, carefully and slowly, as befitting every outstanding culinary treat. A dish that will make a hit at your most formal dinner parties –a platter of plain black linguini in the middle of a dinner table transforms every meal into a lavish feast. Pair with lobster or shrimps and bring the sea to your table. An excellent springboard for a host of sumptuous gastronomic delights. Boiling time: 10 minutes Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, pasteurized squid ink (1%). PASTA WITH VEGETABLES, SQUID INK & RED HOT PEPPER A feast of colours for variety-seeking pasta lovers! Top-quality semolina flour from the heart of wheat is kneaded with vegetables and squid ink to create a range of pasta with striking colours and a broad palate. • green from spinach • red from red pepper • pink from beetroot black from squid ink For spice-devotees, linguini and penne made with hot peppers for unique high-toned, spicy dishes. The pronounced grainy flavour of the cereal is balanced by the freshness of the vegetables, the kick of the hot pepper, the red pepper and the squid ink. Slow natural drying completes the process ensuring a fine-quality pasta for serious gourmet aficionados.

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Herkomst Giannitsa, Griekenland
Inhoud 500 g
Kenmerken E-nummervrij, Lactosevrij en Gepasteuriseerd
Ingrediënten Griesmeel van durumtarwe, Inktvisinkt (1%)
Allergenen Gluten, Vis